R-SIM 8 GOLD 3G Super Smart Memory Blue Classic unlock instructionsR-SIM Card Expert

R-SIM 8 GOLD 3G Super Smart Memory Blue Classic unlock instructions

R-sim 8 Gold Edition is aimed at CDMA and the comtemporary US AT&T operator. With a more stable programme and package of gilded goldenfor iOS7, the brand-new R-sim 8 is specifically designed for iOS7 , easy and quick to handle. With the newly-addedoriginal anti-counterfeiting system, we have protected the price order of the whole marketas well as the resellers' benefits. At the same time, RGKNSE has continuously taken actionagainst any misconducts in the market. For now, we have taken steps against unscrupulous profiteers such as International Electronics City 4th floor and Guangzhou NantaiBuilding.The counterfeit behaviors is outrageous! Please support R-SIM, support the quality goods, also support China! The gold doesnot devalue easily, so does  R-sim, and we will keep on developing withcreativity and passion. R-sim change the unlock card, remould the phone, and reform the whole world! Let's achieve win-win in the business and gain happiness in our life!!  

R-SIM 8 GOLD instructions is very easy to use, Compare to other unlock sim cards with guiding card to select the carrier, R-SIM 8 GOLD reduce the complex steps of selecting the carrier, it is more humanized,the main improvement as following:

1.R-SIM 8 GOLD have been updated the smart STK operation method and interface after customers experience, getting the signal with lightning speed.
2.The function is very smart, you can set any carrier as the default carrier, and it will shows the carrier you selected last time.
3.Adding the memory function smart program, when you change another SIM card, it will popup the carrier for you to select, selecting the new carrier or default carrier according to yourself.
4.When you can’t find your carrier code number, you can get the code number from this original carrier sim card.
5. Adding the more clearly carrier code number editing function. When you can’t find the carrier you need in the carrier list, you can input this carrier code number to unlock your phone.

Before using R-SIM 8 GOLD, please make sure the Phone have been actived, iPhone 4S also need to use the Nano sim card. If you want to use 2G GSM(CMCC) SIM Cards, the R-SIM cards support all the IOS5-6.1.3, no jailbreak, no patch. Just select the carrier is OK.
SO if you want to use the WCDMA 3G SIM Cards, please do according to the next steps:

First Step:
If your iPhone IOS is 6.0-6.1.2, please do according to the following instructions.This instruction link is

 R-SIM Cydia Patch Have Been Released (iOS:5.01/5.1.1/6.0/6.1.2)Free
If your iPhone IOS is 6.1.3, because of IOS6.1.3 can’t do perfect jailbreak, so it need to install the 3G active patch conecting the iPhone with PC. This instruction link is

R-SIM Cards’ activation program (3G Patch) iOS:6-7
Note: This active code program is only suits for Sprint/AU/Softbank CDMA locked iPhone, the others’ not CDMA iPhone doesn’t need to install this 3G active patch.
Second Step:
1. Please insert the R-SIM 8 GOLD and SIM card together in the iPhone, the following menu will be showed. (R-SIM 8 GOLD yellow side is back, the blue side is front )

2: type (4S click MODE1 FOR iOS6 i4S; iPhone5 MODE2 FOR Ios6 i5 click), click pop-up operator selection screen:

3: select the corresponding operators, note: not to use mobile phone card operators! (such as the United States Sprint models to select US Sprint; China Telecom type selection CHN Tetecom), after selecting a confirmation screen click "accept", to this step restart mobile phone waiting for the signal to!

If you do not know their own type, please set the 'general' 'on the machine model, view your iPhone model, or directly in the online search models, or use other software to connect the view (such as iTools, PP assistant)

Sales area code, namely the model finally at the end of the English alphabet

The Asian region:

CN= China ZP= Hongkong / Macao

TA= Taiwan KH= Korea

J= ZA= Japan, Singapore / Malaysia

PP= Philippines AB= United Arab Emirates / Saudi Arabia

America area:

C= LL= the United States Canada

E= Mexico LE= Argentina

The European region:

NF= France / Belgium GK= Greece

B= FD= UK / Ireland / Austria in Switzerland

PO= DN= Portugal Germany / Holland

Y= Italy T= Spain

KS= Finland / Sweden Denmark / Norway KN=

FB= Luxemburg RS= of Russia

CZ= Czech

Oceania area:

X= Australia / New Zealand

Africa region:

SO= LA= of South Africa Columbia

LE= Chile

4: when there's no you choose type pop-up operators list, click the first option "Other carrier" into the manual input the code model, (common operators see the code behind the code table), manual 7 digital input operator code and click on "send" (less than 7 digits plus 00.), then click "accept", restart iPhone can restart, about 5~10 seconds, appear magical signal!

5:RSIM8 intelligent program operation (when you choose the wrong operator or the need to set the default operator), click the iPhone "Settings - phone -SIM card application" displays the following RSIM menu:

6: Click “Select Carrier”, select the carrier again. Click “Edit IMSI”, it goes into the edit code mode, “Get Carrier Code” can get the carrier code number from the original sim card, it will be used when you don’t know the carrier code number, inserting the original carrier SIM card and R-SIM 8 GOLD together, go to SIM application- get carrier code, So the R-SIM 8 GOLD can get the code number from this original sim card, then click accept, turn off iPhone, then put out this sim card, and insert the new SIM card you want to use and the R-SIM 8 GOLD into the iPhone, turn on iPhone, the signal will show 5-10seconds later.
Note: the memory function: EDTNo. When the last menu is EDTNo, it shows that setting the default carrier not succeed, or you don’t restart the iPhone; if the last menu is US SPR or other carrier, it shows setting the default carrier succeed. So if you want to change another SIM cards after selecting the default carrier succeed, the R-SIM 8 GOLD will popup the new menu as following automatic:

Selecting the “Default Carrier”, it shows the same carrier with before, no need to set the carrier. 

Selecting the “Mode 1 or Mode 2”, it shows to select the new carrier, and setting the new default carrier again on 

this R-SIM 8, it equals to return the first step. 

The Newest Carrier Code Number List

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